Get to know Divas, MPH

The vision of Divas, MPH is to educate, empower, and mobilize women to create healthy communities.

Divas, MPH (Making our People Healthier) was founded in 2009 by four sassy and socially-savvy 20-somethings with a passion for public health, a heart for community activism, and a knack for hosting must-attend events.

The story began as the would-be founders chatted on the popular social networking site, Twitter. What started as a follow Friday tweet “…#FF the MPH Divas” with each of their respective Twitter handles tacked on the end, quickly became the impetus to combine their years of training, experience, and social know-how to form Divas, MPH (the letters following the name after a comma being a nod to the Master of Public Health degrees that brought them together)

The mission of Divas, MPH is to empower women to take an active interest in achieving and maintaining total health and wellness- mind, body, and soul for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Divas, MPH inaugural event was held on September 9, 2009 at Jin Lounge along the recently revived U Street Corridor in northwest Washington, DC. Not your typical venue for a community health forum, but then again these aren’t your typical health educators.  The cocktail event was a premiere for the documentary film, Crisis in the Crib, produced by author, attorney, and health advocate, Tonya Lewis Lee, mentor and dear friend to two of the four co-founders. The outpouring of support they garnered that evening was so overwhelming that the ladies knew they had to do more. And as they say the rest is herstory….

The founders truly believe that it was God’s divine purpose for the four of them to come together at such a time, and produce such an event for Divas, MPH to be birthed from. They continue to keep their collective faith central to the operation of the organization, and have Him to thank for their subsequent success in reaching women with their message of good health.